Sydney Good Food Wine Show 2010

Sydney Good Food and Wine Show 2010
... Won the tickets from Bel thank you :D

Sorry there hasn't been any posts lately.. hmm writers block and mourned for a crashed hard drive losing my photos... I guess i just have to go and eat everywhere again hehe

So here are some of many photos from the event... 

...oh btw Good luck to Adam to win Masterchef :D

We bumped into Adam as we were strolling around looking for more things to buy, and gladly a nice lady took the photo for us...Thank you.

Check out what we got for free.. and a few extras we purchased.. :)


  1. wooooahhhh @ that pic of your haul! nice job!

  2. Its amazing how much they can fit into those showbags hehe

  3. HOLY SH*T! you bought and got soooooooo much stuff. how on earth did you carry it all. obviously you got some of those food trolleys. wow. i'm sure that will take you ages to get through. that's so cool you bumped into Adam! :-)

  4. Hey Simon, yeah well driving there really helped carry everything back home, and we didn't have any trolley. It was our first time, so we were quite excited and I guess walking the whole day means we can gain weight from what we bought hehe.