Wisemans Ferry visit. Fruit Picking and Big Burger feed

Watkins Orchard Mandarin & Mushroom Picking. Cumquats also available but not for picking. Home made jams also available for purchase. A family friendly, family business.

Cows are at the first Orchard.

Riverlands Park Wombat Cafe, 6135 Wisemans Ferry Rd GUNDERMANNSW2775
Appears to be a very friendly Husband and Wife business, the place feels very homey. 

challenge time - 2.4kg burger with the lot. Eat in 30 minutes (for one) you get it for free. It was very tempting but I shared the burger and only was able to eat half.

Very wholesome burger... very tasty too, one of the best!

Amazing views on the way home :D

Una's followed by Messina for Dessert in Darlinghurst

Una's at Victoria Rd Darlinghurst.
Iced Chocolate & Apple Cider 
Chicken Schnitzel with Mushroom Sauce and Rosti.
Additional Rosti to share

For Dessert we head across the road to Messina.
Three flavours, and they were all nice... but the highlight was the Nut Job! a special on the day. sorry forgot the rest hehe.
So many Yummy Flavours!..
.... and many more flavours with the specials! :D
I will know how much money I need to bring hehe