Baroque @ The Rocks


This is the second time eating at Baroque and the food is still amazing :)

I'll let the photos speak for themselves :) hehe 

A quick photo of the dessert cabinets... although from seeing them last time, the macarons appear to be a tad smaller... hmm :(

This was a sausage roll with tomato sauce.. After eating this fresh sausage roll, i don't know if i can ever go back to the frozen stuff hehe..

I like these two photos at Circular Quay :)

Samurai Sushi - Pyrmont

Samurai Sushi in Pyrmont

1/16-30 Bunn St
Pyrmont NSW 2009
(02) 9518 8852

K found this cozy restaurant along Bunn st where there were only 3 or 4 restaurants near each other in the area. We decided to eat here since we thought it'll be nice to have something fancy and I was really in the mood for Japanese. So basically the place looked inviting :)

I had the following dishes which was really good and fresh, and was of good serving size, especially the Eel. I usually order the eel from the japanese restaurants because I don't know where else to get them hehe, and they taste good :D

Salmon w/salad

Udon Soup.. very nice and tasty hehe

Eel with sushi and salad.. now as you can see from the size of the eel and my fork/spoon, the eel was massive, compared to all other eels i've had in the past hehe.

K had pork belly peking duck style, where you would wrap it like duck in wraps, the pork was very delicious :)

Miso Soup which tasted soo good from the fresh ingredients and it didn't seem like the ones where you have to keep stirring to mix everything before grabbing a spoon full.

Green tea ice cream with corn flakes.

... and Zenzai. Loved the combination of red bean, green tea ice cream and mochi. Mmmmmm YUM.

Sydney Good Food Wine Show 2010

Sydney Good Food and Wine Show 2010
... Won the tickets from Bel thank you :D

Sorry there hasn't been any posts lately.. hmm writers block and mourned for a crashed hard drive losing my photos... I guess i just have to go and eat everywhere again hehe

So here are some of many photos from the event... 

...oh btw Good luck to Adam to win Masterchef :D

We bumped into Adam as we were strolling around looking for more things to buy, and gladly a nice lady took the photo for us...Thank you.

Check out what we got for free.. and a few extras we purchased.. :)