Hana Japanese Restaurant
121 The Mall
Leura, NSW 2780
Telephone: 02 - 4784 1345
Fax: 02 - 4784 1345

This restaurant is definitely a best kept secret in the blue mountains area. The food here is amazing! Can I say it tastes authentic? (although I haven't been to Japan) The serving size is generous and the service was great and staff were very friendly.
It was funny, the first time we got here, we arrive a bit too early for lunch so the restaurant was closed. Seeing that the restaurant was still closed, we couldn't find the door, and we walked around the building maybe 2 or 3 times. In future here is the entrance. Don't miss it! hehe
Miso Soup. I don't think this one was from powder, the soup stayed cloudy and we didn't have to mix it around all the time when left standing.


Una Don my favourite Japanese Dish

Japanese Cheesecake with Strawberries. This dessert is amazing! just the right flavors, and its not sickening. The strawberries were sweet and the balance with cheesecake was YUMMO! Serving was quite good too :)

Here we are waiting for the shop to open in the morning. Was it obvious we wanted to check out the goods?

LEURA - Cascades Falls

Philippines Trip...

Glorietta 3
Makati Philippines

Here's a quicky. A nice casual place to eat, serves decent tasty Italian food :D

Avocado, Mango and Red Grape Shakes... Correction, it was a PEACH Shake and NOT MANGO, sorry for the confusion :( Spinach Dip
Penne Pasta

Philippines Trip...

Greenbelt 2
Makati Philippines

A popular restaurant in the Phils where everyone goes to :)
Food here is pretty good, service is also generous, so its great for groups of people. Also its pretty loud inside so you can make as much noise as you like hehe.

For Desert we had our Royce Chocolates, imported from Japan. Very very chocolatey with a very powdery top layer. Try not to wear white when eating as the chocolate melts on your fingertips and can easily dirty your clothes. I messed up my shirt a few times hehe

Philippines Trip...

Myron's Place
Located in Greenbelt 5
Makati Philippines

The food here was excellent, almost like fine dining in Sydney, but a notch down :) so it seemed casual at the same time fancy :D
Each dish including the complimentary bread was very tasteful so we both enjoy our own and each other's dishes :D YUM!!

Myron's Place table layout from our seat hehe
The Complimentary Bread and Butter
Cream of Mushroom Soup
Pumpkin Soup (I like this one better)
Mojito Chicken, served with mango rice
A close up of the Mango Rice
Prawn and Steak, very tasty!
Another angle of the prawn and Steak hehe

Philippines Trip...

Heres some photos of when we went to a firing range. Thanks to K's Uncle, otherwise we wouldn't have been able to go try it out :D.

Here is a vietnamese restaurant we tried out. Apparently its Pho Bac's competitor restaurant.. like it matters, it tasted good and it was filling :D

Sorry for the lack of names of the dishes, we didn't take note and eventually forgot the names :(

Philippines Trip...

Calcedo Markets in Makati Calcedo Village.

We visited a local Market near Makati, which I was able to take plenty of photos which felt quite safe :D We were also very fortunate that it had only rained in the morning and not while we were shopping.

For lunch, we had lechon (Roasted Pig) with crispy skin :D, bbq skewers, ranbutan and lanzones

Philippines Trip...

As we drove to another appointment, we drove by K's old childhood locations, and decided to buy some of their food hehe. We stopped by Becky's Kitchen. It was a small shop but looking inside they produced a LOT of filo sweets, cakes and some other things.
We weren't quite sure what to get so we ended up getting the sampler pack (of 6 pieces), just to taste the different types of cakes, instead of buying really big cakes for just the two of us.

In one of the malls (Glorietta 5) there is Felly J's. They served traditional Filipino dishes, very yummy! :D
1. Iced Tea and Dalandan 2. Chicken Inasal 3. Pork Sinigang (soup) 4. Sago Gulaman (contains jelly like pearls which are chewy)

For dinner we dined at Circles buffet within Shang ri la Hotel. They had all different types of cuisines, from fresh seafood, filipino sweets, indian, chinese and a few others.
I was keen to taste their fresh seafood since eating at Cafe Mix, which I in the end don't recommend based on the taste of the oysters and mussels. Unfortunately after eating the seafood (so I think), I felt ill and spent the rest of the trip with a small appetite. A very depressing second half of the trip.

Besides the not so fresh seafood, the sweets were great and the other 'cooked' food wasn't so bad. At one stage, I ate some of the cold meats, and ate this mushy like meat and it had melted in my mouth quite fast. In the end I found out it was foi gras, which I found very weird and fatty. I guess it was something to try anyways hehe.

Philippines Trip...

Here are some of our Photos in Tagaytay, South of Manila, considerably cooler than Manila, in the mountains and has a wonderful view of Taal Volcano and Lake.
If you're wondering about the photos, this was an ocular trip to look for churches and reception venues for our wedding.

San Antonio De Padua church

Hotel Kimberly
Moon Garden

T House

There had to be some eating involved in this trip. The food was great, tasty and presentable. Service was also excellent with a wonderful view :DFrom left to right, top to bottom: 1.Lapu-Lapu fillet served on grilled saba banana and mixed vegies 2.Not your usual spring rolls - these were filled with crispy Adobo flakes, green mango & cheddar cheese 3. Watermelon shake - served in some pretty funky glassware 4. Beef Salpicao - beefy garlicky mushroomy goodness 5. Iberian Chicken 6. Another photo of Lapu Lapu... I don't know why I put that there, I think i'm groggy.

Summit Ridge, with a view of Taal Volcano and Lake from every room.. so i think.

When we arrived back to Manila from Tagaytay, I couldn't resist Chillis, since Chillis closed in Sydney :( The food was still the same and very fulfilling. We also got a free Strawberry Margarita, only because we curiously asked what the big contraption behind the bar was... it ended up being a slush machine filled with icy margarita! The bartender ended up making a mini one for us, with some strawberries mixed in. Yay for freebies!
Appetizer Sampler plate and Mushroom Jack Fajitas (chicken) btw if there's still Chillis in Sydney please let me know hehe:D