Pastizzi Cafe - NEWTOWN

Pastizzi Cafe
523 King St
Newtown NSW 2042
Ph. (02) 9519 1063

Just a small cafe style restaurant, prices are definitely affordable, and the variety is plenty.  Took some photos of their hot dishes, its a shame i didn't take photos of the pastizzi that we bought.. oops :(  Anyways the food is very generous so its a good place for a snack or a hearty meal before or after going out :D 

The service counter... with the Pastizzi on the wall waiting to be eaten!!! :D

Caprese Salad

Hot Chocolate

Fettucini with white sauce and stuff :D

Tomato like Risotto with mushrooms and other things :D


  1. yum i really like the look of all that cheese on the caprese salad!

  2. haha i was gonna say the exact same thing. Love caprese salad but really all I want is the cheese! The servings look crazy generous here.

  3. I dropped in recently for some pastizzi and they were delicious! I really want to go back and try their meals asap.