Ella's Patisserie HURSTVILLE

Ella's Patisserie
338 Forest Rd
Hurstville NSW 2220
Tel. 9580 3118
Fax. 9580 3117

These cakes were so yummy. My favorite would have to be the mango.. which is the yellowish one hehe.

I thought this was pretty cool or quirky to have in the cafe, so I took a photo of it too hehe

..and in case you want to store the cakes (ours didn't last long at all) they have provided a suitable temperature, how considerate :D

Swiss Cheesecake
This one is the Mango cake! YUMMY!
Mango Cheesecake
Bailey's Cheesecake
Green Tea & Red Bean Cake

Adora Chocolates EARLWOOD

Adora Handmade Chocolates
10 Homer St Earlwood
NSW 2206
Phone. 9559 5948

Also in. 2 Bligh St Sydney, NSW 2000 p.9232 6601 f.9232 6623

Decided to look for Adora and found it to be only a small cafe best suited for the locals who come by for their regular coffees and treats for the kiddies.
My partner and I had some Hot chocolate to drink in, and we received two chocolates of our own choice.

Couldn't exactly remember what we got but one of them was lime which surprisingly tasted beautiful!

Obviously two pieces weren't enough so we decided to take some home :D enjoy the pics.

I think this is the one with Lime. YUMMO!

Here's the take away bag, ain't it cool! they really present their chocolates with specialty.. does that make sense? hehe

Pistachio with chocolate and nougat mixed with some dried fruit.

..and the hazelnut meringue had its one special box since it was soo big.

It was also cool, incase you for forget the names of the chocolates, they provided us a list of chocolates with PHOTOS! :D but ummm, while writing this, i'm not sure where the list went :\ sorry.

Pure Gelato - CROYDON PARK

Pure Gelato Factory Outlet
30 - 32A Brighton Ave
Croydon Park New South Wales 2133
Tel. (02) 9716 4488

Heres just a quickie.. do you sometimes wonder if buying ice cream while your out is worth it?.. yes and no hehe In this case, why not buy a whole tub or a few and enjoy them at home :D its so much cheaper buying in tubs and your guests can enjoy a variety of good quality gelato that tastes sooo good :D

Did I forget to mention theres GELATO CAKES!?!?!? :O YUM!

Passticeria Papa - HABERFIELD

145 Ramsay Rd
Haberfield NSW 2045‎
Tel. (02) 9798 6894

I've been meaning to post these photos up some time ago... but just never got the time until now. We came across this passticeria after finding out Justine from Masterchef has a favorite cake in this very place. It so happens that this particular cake is one of the favorites in this place.

The cake I am talking about is Ricotta Cake. The balance of texture and sweetness and the pastry all tastes amazing. After stopping by the place, we bought a small cake for $25 (good for 8 people) which we found not enough, haha. So the next couple of days we decided to buy the bigger one which serves 12. its definitely good to keep for a few days, although keep in mind that the quality isn't is amazing as when it was fresh :D. hmm.. can you believe it.. I forgot to take a photo of the ricotta cake on its own :'( it was really that good :D

So enjoy the photos of the other pastries... :D theres sooooo much to try! haha.

You can see the ricotta cakes at the bottom of the display.. sooo many :D yum!

...and here are the mixed goodies :D...