Malay - Chinese Restaurant SYDNEY

Malay - Chinese Take away/Eat in/BYO

I don't normally eat Laksa, but for some reason the laksa from this restaurant was just perfect.

Their other dishes was good too but the Laksa was just the highlight for me! 

The Bestest Laksa I've had!

Hainan Chicken Rice

Char Kway Teow

Chicken Satay

Birthday Party - Gelato Cake

K's birthday came up and she wanted an ice cream cake, and no ordinary ice cream cake, but from Pure Gelato. So we ordered one big enough for 20 people, with two main flavours (forgot the flavours hehe).

So much ice cream, we couldn't finish it, so we chucked it back in the freezer so it doesn't melt to soup. The rest of the food, we continued to eat when we could... *Sigh.

Gelato Ice Cream Cake (round for 20 people)

Check out the insides :D sorry I kinda forgot the flavours hehe
Filipino style Spaghetti Sauce, mixed with pasta when served.
Pork BBQ :D yummy

Blueberry Cheesecake

Oreo Cheesecake

Shepherds Pie

Homemade cuapao and pata tim (braised pork with steam buns) by Katrina ... this was sooo good!!! :D

Felix Restaurant SYDNEY

K found this amazing restaurant (possibly from other blogs) tucked away parallel to George St and Pitt St, and the restaurant was amazing, from ambience, our waitress, and especially the food!!.. The staff were very friendly, which made the evening a whole lot more enjoyable.  

Seafood Station/Display

Steak tartare - I've always wanted to try this and it was light and yummy... i'd eat this again :D
Monday Specieal Suckling Pig - was the highlight of our meal, pork crackling skin... tender slices of pork, Jerusalem Artichokes were also yum! :D

Mash Potato on the Side

Bombe Alaska with lemon curd and berry compote - I SEE FIRE!!! wohooo!!! hehe

Bombe Alaska with lemon curd and berry compote - innards goodness

These are Bird Cages hung above the street.  From the plaques on the ground the bird cages represent different species of birds that have been endangered, or have migrated elsewhere due European settlers and the human population increase.  Sounds of birds will be chirping around the cages until later in the evening.