Philippines Trip - August 2010

Second Day in Philippines, and it was more of eating today hehe I guess that's not new.

Here is the view from out room, its a shame we didn't get the view of the mall side, it would be quite nice at night.

Here you can see the division of the rich and not so rich divisions.  The trees would basically indicate that the people are well off.

The mall view from the 24th floor where we had a buffet breakfast on the executive lounge.  Along with ready made food, they also serve hot breakfast made to order, so its basically anything you and and they make it for you :)

Hot Chocolate
Three Egg Omelete with a bunch of stuff and tomato and potato

Mango and Pineapple

Freshly Squeezed mango

Standard menu, we had the three egg omelet, waffles and two fried eggs :D small breakfast hehe

Waffle and Maple Syrup with Fruit Campote

Two Fried Eggs with grilled Bacon and Tomato

Ensamada (bread with cheese, butter, sugar and something else)

Banana bread and Almond croissant

Fruits from the supermarket. K kindly asked for the green mangoes on the top left to be peeled and sliced, very nice of them from Landmark supermarket. (top left to bottom right: Green Mangoes, Papaya, Mangostines, Rambutan, Custard Apple, Peeled Pomelo)

Just some photos of Green Belt area during the nightlife.

... and for supper we went to Kitchen Restaurant
Left: Pandan Drink
Right: Water.. it looked fancy hehe

Tomato, Cheese, Pesto and Mushroom and bread

something hehe

something hehe bread with graham cracker moulds

Kitchen interior

Philippines Trip - August 2010

First day in Philippines Makati at Chillis & New World Hotel

I thought I'd try to post what we do each day in the next four days just to keep track of what I've been up.

Upon arrival to Philippines at 7pm, K and I check in at New World Hotel in Makati, and go to Chillies with K's uncle, who kindly picked us up at the airport at last minute.. Thank you :D

Check out what we ate at Chillis, its not much but it was enough to fill us up at 9pm.

Big Mouth Burger Bites

Fajita Trio - Chicken/Beef/Prawn served with a bunch of stuff hehe

Overall table :D what a late feast.

A blurry Chillis menu from the outside hehe

Here are the photos of the 22nd floor, executive room in New World hotel. I would definitely recommend getting the executive room if possible :)

Kampong Boy - HURSTVILLE

Kampong Boy

370 Forest Rd
Hurstville NSW 2220, Australia
(02) 8904 8409

Finally a very nice Malaysian restaurant in hurstville, or is this the only one?.. i'm not sure lol but this place is definitely delicious.  I also saw Street Food had also been to this restaurant and agree that this place will be big.  I also liked the food he ordered, Nasi Kampongboy, which you'll see below.  Enjoy the photos :D and definitely try it out :D 

There is a window with one of the staff cooking the satay skewers.

3 Layer Kopi (coffee) This is definitely my favorite. K had also told me that they make the coffee traditionally using a sock to strain the coffee. :) nevertheless its good :D as I see them making it, they surely put a lot of effort.

Dinosaur Milo, also yummy :D

Fried Chicken Wings

1 dozen of Chicken Skewers, also had 1 dozen of beef skewers sorry no photo.

Nasi Kampongboy, is a complete dish.

And Ice Kachang is a sure way to finish a meal even when the weather is cold :D

Zest - Port Stephens

16 Stockton Street
Nelson Bay NSW 2315
Tel/Fax (02) 4984 2211

Spent two nights at Port Stephens due to a spontaneous decision to go for a drive up north, and on one of the evenings, found a fancy little restaurant called Zest, located on the main strip.

Sorry for the quality of the images, only had small cam and there wasn't much light, because it was night time :( but its okay.

2 COURSES $65.00 PER PERSON (we chose this one)
Minimum 2 courses

Warm Sourdough with Hand Churned Truffle infused Cultured Butter $5.00 for 2
The butter was soo good, we could have finished the whole lot hehe

Salt Baked Byron Bay Pork Belly with Iceberg, Pancetta, Mint, Spiced Pear Puree

Pork Belly in progress in consumption

Atlantic Salmon with Sautéed Mushrooms, Clams & Vermouth Fumet

Cross section of Salmon, quite nice, however the sad part was that I found 2 pieces of bones :(

Cheesecake Mousse with Roasted Strawberry, Rhubarb Jelly & Almond Soil

Sauterne Crème Caramel with Spiced Pineapple & Currants, Pineapple Tuille

Café Latte $4.00

Overall the food was okay, though expecting more for the price, and atleast we've tried it :D