WEBER @ Home

Cooking @ home, or should I say Weber @ home :D

Remember those vacuum packed meat from Vic's Meats, inside the goodie bag from La Grillade, well we figured the best way to cook it is to Weber it!  So here are the results...

We also Weber the corn and mushrooms as our sides.  K garnished the mushroom with some parsely.. i think it was parsley hehe. The meats were dabbed with some herbs/spices as well.

The corn looked sooo golden and tasted sweet :D yum!!

Oh.. the mushrooms were delicious, a nice and simple way to cook mushrooms.. still with so much flavor.

...we seriously need to buy more of these meats!

La Grillade - CROWS NEST

La Grillade Restaurant
118 Alexander St
Crows Nest NSW 2065
(02) 9439 3707

K had booked this venue for dinner, which was an event with special guests from Vic's Meat, Grant Burge, and Cheese Connoisseur. Definitely a memorable event for K and I :D  Thanks K for the lovely evening!

Here's the front of the restaurant, we arrived a little early, a little excited too.
As we entered, we were served with Champagne Grant Burge Blanc De Noir , along with everybody else who's booked for this event.

Bread served with Olive Oil 
(sorry no photo of the Olive oil, but I think you know what it looks like hehe)

The lighting in the restaurant was a bit difficult to work with, but managed to get some snaps of the menu.. knowing me I wouldn't have been able to remember all these and I'm too shy to write them down :)

Amuse Bouche - Mushroom and Chestnut Soup, Truffle Oil
Complimented by 2003 Holy Trinity red wine.

... and here's the table layout.

Blackmore's wagyu bresaola, brioche en croute, white anchovies, pickled capsicum dressing
Complimented with 2003 Holy Trinity red wine

Doesn't that Wagyu Bresaola look soooo delicious.. I could eat that over and over again hmmmm....

Assiette of Beef - Rangers Valley tenderloin, Braised oxtail, Shaved tongue & marrow, with celeriac puree & parmentier potato
Complimented with 2007 Cameron Vale Cabernet Sauvignon & 2003 Balthasar Chiraz Viognier

Braised Oxtail .. 
I've never had the oxtail cooked this way before, but then again I don't eat much oxtails in restaurants either.  But this I definitely finished.

Rangers Valley Ternderloin...
This I really enjoyed, even though it looks so bloody and rare, the meat just broke down so easy in your mouth with every bite. mmmm..

Marrow...  yummy!

Shaved Tongue... 
This was definitely one of the most tastiest meat on the plate. Anthony Puharich from Vic's meat mentioned that the head part of the animal had most of the marbling then decreasing to the tail. Meaning the tongue would have been the most delicious part of the animal :O thats what I think anyways hehe ... I ate tongue! YUM! hehe i'll definitely eat tongue again if it was prepared the same way lol.

Here's the glasses of wines that was served to us on the night. Remember the Grant Burge served at the beginning, I learnt this evening I couldn't handle the alcohol anymore, so I couldn't drink anymore :( it was a shame, although I did smell the wines and they were very winey... can you tell i'm not much of a red wine drinker hehe.

Blanc de Noir Sorbet
I wish there was more of this, rather than just a small shot glass :(

Heidi Gruyere, Milawa Gold, Byron Bay Blue with Condiments - Quince Paste, dried Currants, fresh Apple.

The Quince Paste definitely went with the cheeses and should be eaten with the cheese on the cracker very YUMMY combination :) The fresh apple refreshed your pallete and it was tasty too.

Left to right: Heidi Gruyere, Milawa Gold, Byron Bay Blue

To our surprise they gave all the guests a goodie bag each, and who doesn't love goodie bags :D

Thank you to Marie from La Grillade for looking after us, we enjoyed the evening of my birthday :D

Carss Park Cafe & Grill BLAKEHURST

We find ourselves back for brunch :) the food was awesome. Here are some photos.

Just some close ups

Baked Eggs with Grilled Asparagus and Honey Smoked Bacon
... before ...

...and after

Poached Eggs on a bed of Baby Spinach, with Bacon and Grilled Tomato
(the 'pesto' on top of the eggs really made the dish, i think it was roasted capsicum)
... before ...

... and after!...Gee, I wonder if it was delicious? :D hehe

Mike's Grill and Bar - SYLVANIA

Mike's Grill & Bar
41 Prince's Highway, Sylvania, NSW 2224
Phone: 95447477

This place was loud and very lively, probably because of the children playing and screaming hehe. The service is quite good though at times its better to call for the staff because they can get quite busy :) Its definitely a good place to go with a lot of people since the serving is quite big, so there's plenty to share :D

Portuguese Chicken Skewers with chipotle aioli

Garlic Pizza

With tiger prawns, calamari, garlic, mild chilli, shallots & soy

Salt & Pepper Squid With home made sweet chilli

300g Scotch Fillet w.mushroom sauce

Chicken Parmigiana

BBQ Pork Rack of Ribs

Creme Brulee

TimTam Tiramisu