Hunter Valley Trip

Arriving at the hunter in the evening, looking for somewhere to eat.  Since K and I have eaten dinner (maccas) on the way, it was time for dessert. So where do we head to.. Sabor!

SABOR in the Hunter.. All day desert bar YUMMMY!

Fresh made goodies..

Orange & Poppy Seed, Chocolate Cake... all look so tempting.

oh look little bite size goodies.. :D

Doesn't that look special.. MMmm..

K So excited hehe

Ecuadorian Tres - Dark chocolate mousse created with Ecuadorian Chocolate
combined with raspberry lemon cream, set on chocolate sable
Paired with Piggs Peak's Suckling Pig Shiraz

Piggs Peak's Suckling Pig Shiraz

Waiting to Devour the Ecuadorian Tres...

Second visit to Sabor with K's family. There were definitely more food on the table hehe.
It was unfortunate the night before, they had to shut down at 6pm, due to power failure and desserts out of stock during a busy weekend.

So they worked really hard and baked and made all their cakes and pastries overnight, they're so awesome! with very friendly team of staff :D

Coffee of some sort hehe

Coffee of some sort hehe

Hot Chocolate.. Mix melted chocolate in cup of milk and froth slowly.. Mmmm nice on cold wet weekends hehe

Belgian waffle with Vanilla bean Icecream

Portugese Tart.. come to think of it.. this didn't reach me :|

Oreo Cheese Cake

Apple & Raspberry Crumble - A pastry base filled with apple & raspberry topped with a sweet crumble (served warm)

haha! Victory is MINE!!

Lunch at Oishi - Tempus Two

They are responsible for getting Pad Thai before the photo shoot lol.. and they loved the Pad Thai!

Panang Chicken

Chicken Satay

Mixed Sushi & Noshi

Prawn Tempura

Tom Yum Soup

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