Hilton Hotel - SYDNEY CBD

Hilton Hotel

Its been sometime since I last posted.. I blame Facebook hehe I think its a distraction lol.. Here is some photos of the buffet and the hotel :) Me and K stayed here after K's work Christmas Party at Bar333.


 Made to order Pancakes and waffles... mmMmmm

 Fresh fruit... they were surprising sweet which is good for a change :D

 umm.. Yalla Yoghurt..

 Mixed Juices, already forgot what they were :\

Shots display, its really good that it tells what they are good for :D

 Beetroot shot

Wheatgrass shot

Carrot juice Shot

 ... and here is my collection hehe, i actually like them :D


 The following are breads and pastries.. unfortunately I didn't get to try them, I was overwhelmed eating all the hot dishes... I love breakfast food!!! 



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