Signorelli Gastronomia - PYRMONT

Signorelli Gastronomia
Darling Island Wharf (Opposite Star City)
Ground Floor / Accenture Building
Trouton Place, Pyrmont NSW 2009

Went here for my mom's birthday, with one of our family friends working as a chef, made it possible to enjoy our lunch even more :D

We had the Market Menu which had a 2 course meal from a selection on the standard menu and we also shared a Nutella pizza. The Nutella they used was imported from Italy and we could taste the difference from the locally available Nutella. So tempting to purchase the whole 5kg jar!!!

The feel of the restaurant was very easygoing with the 'pizza guy' Robbie making the pizzas as you order. But in the end it was Manny, our family friend, who made the Nutella pizza for us. :D it was soooo good!! oh and all the other dishes were also awesomely gooood :D

I was lucky enough to try each of the dishes that came out, and I enjoyed them all. :D YUM!.. definitely need to come back for more :D

mushroom risotto-fontina-nettles

panko crumbed hen's egg-watercress-beetroot cured salmon

fettuccine-braised goat-jerusalem artichoke-chilli

margherita pizza

another pizza with green olives and anchovies

bass grouper-caponata-curly kale-black olives

gnocchi-quattro formaggi-sage

rangers valley scotch fillet-fondant potato-house smoked baby beets-truffle mustard

dobson potatoes cooked in duck fat

brussel sprouts-pancetta-chestnuts

here's Manny making our nutella pizza. check out the size of that nutella

nutella pizza-strawberries-banana-mascarpone.


  1. man that giant nutela jar is to die for!

  2. i can't wait to return. next time i'll need to leave room for the nutella pizza :-)

  3. @Suze - Shall we make a deal to buy the 5kg jar and ration amongst ourselves? ;)
    (But I secretly think we're very much capable of demolishing a whole jar each!)

    @Simon - Definitely make room for it on your next visit! It is so worth it. Still pining for it today. Mmmmm....Nutella.