Aria Hotel - Dickson, ACT

Aria Hotel
45 Dooring St
Dickson ACT
Aria Hotel website

Aria hotel is fairly new, and the cost per night was really good at this time of the year when the floriade begins, yes we went to Aria for the floriade. More photos of the floriade will up soon :) We also dropped by Canberra Zoo and Aquarium while we were in the area.

So for now check the studio room we got, it was quite flash and details were nice with modern fixtures :)

The room was simple, a bed, table for two, desk, bathroom and wardrobe, but what made it cool was the room design, which made it very fancy :)

Cool extra pillow, doesn't it look nice..

would you call this the bed runner? hehe

The 'Do not disturb' and 'Make up room' is displayed like a switch and it will show in the front of the room. A door bell is also fitted on the same panel outside.  Oh and the doorbell doesn't ring if it has the 'Do not disturb' light is on.

Frameless shower, and raindrop shower head from the ceiling. Plenty of Chrome in the bathroom..very nice :)

Nice looking basin and mirror too.

The ceiling fixtures looked nice too, so i thought i'd take photos of them hehe

The lift was very slick too hehe.


And here is our little workstation in the room :D