Philippines Trip - August 2010

Second Day in Philippines, and it was more of eating today hehe I guess that's not new.

Here is the view from out room, its a shame we didn't get the view of the mall side, it would be quite nice at night.

Here you can see the division of the rich and not so rich divisions.  The trees would basically indicate that the people are well off.

The mall view from the 24th floor where we had a buffet breakfast on the executive lounge.  Along with ready made food, they also serve hot breakfast made to order, so its basically anything you and and they make it for you :)

Hot Chocolate
Three Egg Omelete with a bunch of stuff and tomato and potato

Mango and Pineapple

Freshly Squeezed mango

Standard menu, we had the three egg omelet, waffles and two fried eggs :D small breakfast hehe

Waffle and Maple Syrup with Fruit Campote

Two Fried Eggs with grilled Bacon and Tomato

Ensamada (bread with cheese, butter, sugar and something else)

Banana bread and Almond croissant

Fruits from the supermarket. K kindly asked for the green mangoes on the top left to be peeled and sliced, very nice of them from Landmark supermarket. (top left to bottom right: Green Mangoes, Papaya, Mangostines, Rambutan, Custard Apple, Peeled Pomelo)

Just some photos of Green Belt area during the nightlife.

... and for supper we went to Kitchen Restaurant
Left: Pandan Drink
Right: Water.. it looked fancy hehe

Tomato, Cheese, Pesto and Mushroom and bread

something hehe

something hehe bread with graham cracker moulds

Kitchen interior