Philippines Trip - August 2010

First day in Philippines Makati at Chillis & New World Hotel

I thought I'd try to post what we do each day in the next four days just to keep track of what I've been up.

Upon arrival to Philippines at 7pm, K and I check in at New World Hotel in Makati, and go to Chillies with K's uncle, who kindly picked us up at the airport at last minute.. Thank you :D

Check out what we ate at Chillis, its not much but it was enough to fill us up at 9pm.

Big Mouth Burger Bites

Fajita Trio - Chicken/Beef/Prawn served with a bunch of stuff hehe

Overall table :D what a late feast.

A blurry Chillis menu from the outside hehe

Here are the photos of the 22nd floor, executive room in New World hotel. I would definitely recommend getting the executive room if possible :)