Kampong Boy - HURSTVILLE

Kampong Boy

370 Forest Rd
Hurstville NSW 2220, Australia
(02) 8904 8409

Finally a very nice Malaysian restaurant in hurstville, or is this the only one?.. i'm not sure lol but this place is definitely delicious.  I also saw Street Food had also been to this restaurant and agree that this place will be big.  I also liked the food he ordered, Nasi Kampongboy, which you'll see below.  Enjoy the photos :D and definitely try it out :D 

There is a window with one of the staff cooking the satay skewers.

3 Layer Kopi (coffee) This is definitely my favorite. K had also told me that they make the coffee traditionally using a sock to strain the coffee. :) nevertheless its good :D as I see them making it, they surely put a lot of effort.

Dinosaur Milo, also yummy :D

Fried Chicken Wings

1 dozen of Chicken Skewers, also had 1 dozen of beef skewers sorry no photo.

Nasi Kampongboy, is a complete dish.

And Ice Kachang is a sure way to finish a meal even when the weather is cold :D

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