Baroque - THE ROCKS

Baroque Restaurant
88 George Street (corner of Hickson Road)
The Rocks Sydney, NSW, Australia 

(02) 9241 4811

Been here a while, so i'm sorry I hadn't posted this earlier... As you walk in, you see the open kitchen (open meaning you can see them cook.. i'm sure thats the correct term) anyways, we got in around 6pm, so its not yet the busy time :) The staff here were also very friendly, and the service was great * two thumbs up *

The prices were not too high up there for the service and quality of food that you get :D

Poached chicken, witlof, mango, soy, vinaigrette $16

Braised beef cheeks, roasted parsnips $25

Pork Neck (off the specials board)... so very goooood :D

Hmmm.... this was really good.. only if i could remember what it was.. only because it was also off the special's board.. hehe it had gold flakes :D 

The interior was was a bit quirky.. nicely done :D

Doesn't this look cool!.. three layers of awesomeness chocolates :D

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