Eveleigh Markets (The Last of 2009) - EVELEIGH

Here are some photos of Eveleigh Markets on its last day in 2009.
Luckily K and I came across Chocolate Suze blog so we had to visit the markets one last time :)
As I was walking down the ramps, I couldn't miss the crowds at the front of the markets where they have some photographers taking photos of some important people, such as the organizers of Eveleigh Markets - Thanks for the markets! :D

I will miss all the fresh produce and the crowds and being able to take photos hehe.. till next time :)

I think she was the head of the committee organizing the market.

We also bought some biscotti from Chocsuze's parents who were very friendly and nice, we couldn't believe we didn't speak to them before.  We shall wait for the reopen of Eveleigh Markets 2010.. I wonder when it starts again :)


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