Mike's Grill and Bar - SYLVANIA

Mike's Grill & Bar
41 Prince's Highway, Sylvania, NSW 2224
Phone: 95447477


This place was loud and very lively, probably because of the children playing and screaming hehe. The service is quite good though at times its better to call for the staff because they can get quite busy :) Its definitely a good place to go with a lot of people since the serving is quite big, so there's plenty to share :D

Portuguese Chicken Skewers with chipotle aioli

Garlic Pizza

With tiger prawns, calamari, garlic, mild chilli, shallots & soy

Salt & Pepper Squid With home made sweet chilli

300g Scotch Fillet w.mushroom sauce

Chicken Parmigiana

BBQ Pork Rack of Ribs

Creme Brulee

TimTam Tiramisu


  1. All that food looks so good! I'm hungry now...

  2. I love meat on a stick for some reason! I've never had meat presented to me in that way though, looks interesting! What was the best dish? :)

  3. I would say everything was good, but the chicken skewers had the best presentation, while the pasta dish had the best taste overall.. the sauce had a nice garlicky kick to it that went well with the tiger prawns. :D

  4. Looks wholesome Yumm! Good feed before a night out too! I haven't tried this restuarant but if I'm ever near it it's a def.