Philippines Trip...

As we drove to another appointment, we drove by K's old childhood locations, and decided to buy some of their food hehe. We stopped by Becky's Kitchen. It was a small shop but looking inside they produced a LOT of filo sweets, cakes and some other things.
We weren't quite sure what to get so we ended up getting the sampler pack (of 6 pieces), just to taste the different types of cakes, instead of buying really big cakes for just the two of us.

In one of the malls (Glorietta 5) there is Felly J's. They served traditional Filipino dishes, very yummy! :D
1. Iced Tea and Dalandan 2. Chicken Inasal 3. Pork Sinigang (soup) 4. Sago Gulaman (contains jelly like pearls which are chewy)

For dinner we dined at Circles buffet within Shang ri la Hotel. They had all different types of cuisines, from fresh seafood, filipino sweets, indian, chinese and a few others.
I was keen to taste their fresh seafood since eating at Cafe Mix, which I in the end don't recommend based on the taste of the oysters and mussels. Unfortunately after eating the seafood (so I think), I felt ill and spent the rest of the trip with a small appetite. A very depressing second half of the trip.

Besides the not so fresh seafood, the sweets were great and the other 'cooked' food wasn't so bad. At one stage, I ate some of the cold meats, and ate this mushy like meat and it had melted in my mouth quite fast. In the end I found out it was foi gras, which I found very weird and fatty. I guess it was something to try anyways hehe.

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