Philippines Trip...

Here are some of our Photos in Tagaytay, South of Manila, considerably cooler than Manila, in the mountains and has a wonderful view of Taal Volcano and Lake.
If you're wondering about the photos, this was an ocular trip to look for churches and reception venues for our wedding.

San Antonio De Padua church

Hotel Kimberly
Moon Garden

T House

There had to be some eating involved in this trip. The food was great, tasty and presentable. Service was also excellent with a wonderful view :DFrom left to right, top to bottom: 1.Lapu-Lapu fillet served on grilled saba banana and mixed vegies 2.Not your usual spring rolls - these were filled with crispy Adobo flakes, green mango & cheddar cheese 3. Watermelon shake - served in some pretty funky glassware 4. Beef Salpicao - beefy garlicky mushroomy goodness 5. Iberian Chicken 6. Another photo of Lapu Lapu... I don't know why I put that there, I think i'm groggy.

Summit Ridge, with a view of Taal Volcano and Lake from every room.. so i think.

When we arrived back to Manila from Tagaytay, I couldn't resist Chillis, since Chillis closed in Sydney :( The food was still the same and very fulfilling. We also got a free Strawberry Margarita, only because we curiously asked what the big contraption behind the bar was... it ended up being a slush machine filled with icy margarita! The bartender ended up making a mini one for us, with some strawberries mixed in. Yay for freebies!
Appetizer Sampler plate and Mushroom Jack Fajitas (chicken) btw if there's still Chillis in Sydney please let me know hehe:D

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