Hana Japanese Restaurant
121 The Mall
Leura, NSW 2780
Telephone: 02 - 4784 1345
Fax: 02 - 4784 1345

This restaurant is definitely a best kept secret in the blue mountains area. The food here is amazing! Can I say it tastes authentic? (although I haven't been to Japan) The serving size is generous and the service was great and staff were very friendly.
It was funny, the first time we got here, we arrive a bit too early for lunch so the restaurant was closed. Seeing that the restaurant was still closed, we couldn't find the door, and we walked around the building maybe 2 or 3 times. In future here is the entrance. Don't miss it! hehe
Miso Soup. I don't think this one was from powder, the soup stayed cloudy and we didn't have to mix it around all the time when left standing.


Una Don my favourite Japanese Dish

Japanese Cheesecake with Strawberries. This dessert is amazing! just the right flavors, and its not sickening. The strawberries were sweet and the balance with cheesecake was YUMMO! Serving was quite good too :)

Here we are waiting for the shop to open in the morning. Was it obvious we wanted to check out the goods?

LEURA - Cascades Falls


  1. Ahh great memories of Leura! We haven't been in a while but I love going there :) Lovely Cascade Falls photos too!

  2. Yes it was fun visiting Leura, we felt like tourists. Yeah I hope we find the time to go there again, even just for the road trip :D