Philippines Trip...

K and I went out this morning to buy some grocery items, or some sweets in the supermarket. It so happens that Wednesdays is paper bag day or bring your own bag. It sort of felt like we are in the US, like in the movies where you walk out with your groceries in paperbags hehe quite a novelty hehe.

Heres some photos of the macarons from Bizu, Chocolates from Machiavelli.. hmmm. they're all so delicious hehe. Kudos for packaging :)

Did a few touristy activities, thanks K's uncle, for the tour of Fort Santiago, Intromuros and Manila Bay.

A church in Intramuros..

Some photos of Manila bay but kinda missed the actual sun, so just took some shots of the city :) I have been advised to not walk around with my gear too often in the area, just as a safety precaution, and I agreed hehe.


  1. Hehe I like your idea of a shopping trip-it's much like mine. Lovely photos too, I've never visited the Philippines-yet! :)

  2. Hi NQN, yes when my partner and I saw your shopping trip, we both agreed we'd do the same. Soo much try and soo good :D

  3. I wouldn't mind trying those Machievelli chocolates. They look quite inviting!