Philippines Trip...

Waking up at 9am in the morning, and realising that it was only 6am here in Philippines, was quite frustrating but expected. Since we were awake, we settled our belongings and waited for the time to pass by.

The food that we had purchased the night before is called bibinka, like a cake with salted egg, and other stuff that i'm not sure of, but i enjoy eating it :D

For breakfast we also had the following :)

Biko (Sticky Rice Cake) and Pizza, which i'm sure most of you know :)

Here are some of K's pets here in the Philippines.
Name: Suki
At the Back left: Nikki, Back right Kobe and Suki in front. Suki was quite afraid of being photographed, but I guess he couldn't do much when trapped in the corner hehe.

Here are some of the other things we've seen today. btw.. apologies for the photos below, I only had my phone :(
A quite new church in Alabang. Not sure what the name is.. but it was quite an amazing church. A

To end the day, here's some of the food that we ate at the end of the day.. quite fulfilling :D hehe
Palabok (noodles with Salted Egg, and some other things hehe sorry I really just love eating :)
Garlic Rice
Lechon Kawali (Roasted Pig)Halo Halo
Halo Halo in comparison to a tumbler of Pandan Drink. (Pandan is a fruit don't know how to explain the fruit hehe very sorry.

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