Philippines Trip...

Flight to Philippines was great.. we checked in just in time, and we didn't have to wait too long to board the plane via Philippine Airlines. Also since flights to Philippines are not that full, we were able to go musical chairs and sit at an Emergency exit seat. Something that I preferred since having long legs :\

Now.. traffic in Philippines are usually quite bad and the weather is very humid, but when we had arrived and stepped out of the airport, the weather and traffic was not so bad as I had remembered it last year. To be honest I think the traffic conditions are improving hehe.

I obviously couldn't wait to start taking photos of this trip so heres a few... as some people will realise, that taking photos at night you'll have to stay still if not using a flash.. so i took the shots when I could :) don't worry i'll be posting more photos during the day time haha.

After dropping off our luggages as at my fiancee K's place, we driven by her uncle to the local mall to buy necesseties and some food (which i'll shows on day 2). Having shops close at 10pm at night is definitely a bonus so we were able to buy things that we forgot or need for this trip.

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