Carss Park Cafe & Grill BLAKEHURST

Carss Park Cafe & Grill
Carss Bush Park
Carwar Avenue
Carss Park 2221 NSW

Did I say that we were going to come back here? Ta-dah! Dinner is served. ;)
We had a 3 course menu for $47.00 plus corkage and a chai latte.  I apologise for the lack of proper food description, as we were meaning to take a photo of the menu but promptly forgot! We got too distracted awaiting the meal that was to come.

Served with complimentary sourdough bread & butter

For Entree..Warm Chicken Salad, bocconcini, rocket, grilled capsicum

Seared Prawn Salad, honey smoked bacon, baby spinach, walnut
The bacon was a thick slab, not your ordinary supermarket bacon. So tasty. We were fighting over this.

A wedge of iceberg, nicely dressed and still crisp, served to accompany our mains

A bowl of chips... This was nice too
Confit Duck Leg, baby spinach, grapefruit segments, roasted beetroot salad
Scotch Fillet steak, green beans, crumbed onion rings.

Creme Brulee with Coconut Wafer It was BIG BOWL of dessert and it was sooo good. We both got the same thing, as we couldn't resist.

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