Braza - Authentic Brazilian Barbeque
13 Norton St
Leichhardt NSW 2040
Phone (02) 9572 7921
Fax (02) 9560 6954

The food was great, although the service could be better. I suppose it would depend on the night that you dine in, and the time. Basically they try to turn over as much as possible, so if you're planning to make a booking, I think the only options you'll have is either 6pm or 8:45pm(or 8:30pm).

Here's some photos of the food. Unfortunately most of the time I just ate the food as it got on my plate. And the names of the meat, hmm.. can't remember any of them.. sigh.. hehe

Complimentary side Dishes

You can check out the website for the names of the different types of meat :)

Coconut drink.. before and after.

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