Passticeria Papa - HABERFIELD

145 Ramsay Rd
Haberfield NSW 2045‎
Tel. (02) 9798 6894

I've been meaning to post these photos up some time ago... but just never got the time until now. We came across this passticeria after finding out Justine from Masterchef has a favorite cake in this very place. It so happens that this particular cake is one of the favorites in this place.

The cake I am talking about is Ricotta Cake. The balance of texture and sweetness and the pastry all tastes amazing. After stopping by the place, we bought a small cake for $25 (good for 8 people) which we found not enough, haha. So the next couple of days we decided to buy the bigger one which serves 12. its definitely good to keep for a few days, although keep in mind that the quality isn't is amazing as when it was fresh :D. hmm.. can you believe it.. I forgot to take a photo of the ricotta cake on its own :'( it was really that good :D

So enjoy the photos of the other pastries... :D theres sooooo much to try! haha.

You can see the ricotta cakes at the bottom of the display.. sooo many :D yum!

...and here are the mixed goodies :D...