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We've recently visited Eveleigh Markets which we found to be an amazing place. So many stalls, fresh produce and delicious everything! though haven't tried everything yet lol. Enjoy the photos :)

Glazed Dutch Carrots The baby carrots were nice and sweet, also very well presented ;) hehe.

Steak bought from Huntervalley meat co. (Eveleigh Markets) served with Garlic Mushroom THE STEAK... we devoured our steak in a matter of minutes eating with little conversation and more noises :| MmmmMm YUMmmm... my fiancee was able to cook the steaks just right for our liking, and wished we'd bought more.

Honey Soy Chicken Wings w/mixed vegetables and fried rice Oh these little chickens were soo good that I was glad my fiancee was able to cook quite a lot of it. Marinated for 2 or 3 nights, and cooked to perfection ;) the chicken wings were tasty, moist, and it lasted till the next day hehe

Biko (Filipino Rice Cake w/toasted coconut) Okay well we didn't really cook this one, it was more given to us. But we could not go wrong after heating it up in the microwave. I love rice cakes :D YUM!! I think I had most of it hehe.

Dumplings w/Buckwheat Soba The Soba noodles we didn't buy from Eveleigh, but from Growers Market in front of Star City. The noodles are pretty cool because you can eat them cold so its quite refreshing. The dumplings just from local shops, not sure which one though hehe (it shows I don't do the shopping and cooking)

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