Sydney Park - Suitable for dogs of all ages! :D

This park is amazing as it is so green, and open spaced for dogs to run around freely. Don't I wish I also had a dog to let go and play fetching a ball or simply enjoy running around.

The park also has a man made lake 'Wetlands' and it is home to ducks, ibis, and some others that I don't know the type of birds.

There is a designated area for children to play in sand pits, slides, swings, or to learn how to read the time with the sun :| interesting isn't it :D

Heres a wood carving shaped like a wombat. Unless its used for sitting on, I'm not sure what else its used for :| but it is kinda cute hehe because huge and rounded.

This sand pit looks pretty cool, there are some creative tiling that makes out some images. In this case it is a boat. Behind it there is an octopus, a few others.

There are also some herbs in the garden to teach kids or for adults to enjoy their sense of smell. Really it smells good :D

Oh did I mention we found this nice tree in the middle of the park, and it provided soooo much shade that it was just so relaxing to lay down and enjoy the day.
Apart from the perfect weather, and perfect tree, and perfect time.. I knelt on my knee and I proposed to my sweet girlfriend of 4 years?... It was quite amazing since she had no idea hehe.. don't we just love surprises :D So now she's my fiancee :D Yay.. isn't it exciting hehe :D :D :D

One of the other things that stuck in our heads besides my proposal ;), was this dog with red sunnies :| even I don't have red sunnies. hehe

In the wetlands, we were even able to feed plenty of ducks, an ibis by hand, and more ducks and another kind of bird.

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