At Home - Times are Tough

Eating @ Home, check out the food that we can make.

Don't they just look sooo good and yummy! Sorry there was none left over :(

Chicken breast with pancetta blankets and some other delicious sounding ingredients... YUM!! this one didn't last long hehe.

Mashed Potato with garlic butter and a sprinkle of dried herbs.

Finely sliced Garlic mushed with butter on toast.

Chocolate Mousse (masterchef inspired)

Leche Flan before inverted and served. (creme caramel)

Leche Flan inverted and served.

Merengues (left over eggwhites from the leche flan)

Sample plate (from lef to right: Chocolate Mousse, Leche Flan, Merengue, and Pastillias) Whats english for pastillias haha.


  1. Delicious array of food there! I especially like the DIY dessert sampler plate :)

  2. Thanks NQN for dropping by, glad you like the dessert sampler plate. The sampler plate didn't last very long. :)