198 Victoria Road
Gladesville NSW 2111
Phone (02) 9817 7188

It is quite interesting being the first customer's in a restaurant, particularly when they have just opened for dinner. The one thing that fascinates me is when the staff are preparing the ingredients for the dishes. Watching some of the staff preparing each ingredients makes me appreciate the amount of effort that are put into creating the wonderful dishes on their menu.

Based on my girlfriends research it is ideal to reserve rather than rock up unannounced as Red Spoon can get pretty busy as soon as it starts its evening session. So we reserved a table for two and found out soon enough that more customer's had started arriving around 7:00pm. BE SURE TO RESERVE!.

Here is what we had ordered...
Pandang Chicken

Softshell Crab (i love softshell crab yum!)

Braised Pork Belly (Don't you hate how somethings just tastes too good to miss that you end up eating it anyways.. YUM!)

For drinks, we just had coconut juice, a little treat to spoil ourselves.

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