Green Gourmet - ST LEONARDS

538 Pacific Hwy ST LEONARDS
T: 9439 6533

Who would have known I would enjoy vegetarian cuisine. The meals would appear to look like meat, but once you start eating, your brain will tell you its something else.. 'twisted'. Definitely a must come back to.

Specials are..
Peking Not Duck (4 pieces) $8.80
Definitely tasted similar to Peking duck pancake only not so greasy. YUM!!
Satay Soy Skewer $5.60
Slight tang, but you'll definitely do your head in after you take your first bite. I know I did. 'Its not CHICKEN!'
Crispy Skin Not Chicken Shangtung Sauce $15.80
This would definitely be my favourite in this meal, I just wanted to keep eating it. Only if my tummy didn't stop me. YUM!!!
Green Gourmet Fried Rice $10.80
Vegetable Roast Soy & Oyster Sauce $15.80 (special)
This is not bad either, it looks like pork, but its not. It has a similar texture to Pork but its not. I know what pork is, and this is definitely not pork.

As someone who loves to eat their meat, I really enjoyed eating in this vegetarian restaurant. BTW the Malaysian man that served us very nice too :D


  1. yum! i love this place too. :p

  2. i'm glad you like it too.