Café Mix - THE ROCKS (Shangri La Hotel)

Level 1, 176 Cumberland Street
The Rocks, NSW 2000
Tel: 02 - 9250 6206

Where do I start. Dropped by Shangri-La Hotel for Buffet on 17th Feb 2009. We were the first ones to arrive and so I was able to take a few snaps. Seafood in one area, then other cuisines around the perimeter.. as it was some time ago, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Cuisines from their different stations.

We waited the whole day and slightly starved ourselves for this moment to eat as much as humanly possible. Apparently starving yourself will not help you eat more at a buffet restaurant. So we ate only small bits and pieces of food during the day just to shut our stomachs from growling.

My girlfriend's 5 course meal.. (unfortunately being allergic to Seafood is a downside when it comes to enjoying food) so I enjoyed it for her :D

Pumpkin with Pine nuts, Pear and Rocket Salad, Grilled Eggplant, Olives, and some Green leaves.

Mixed Salad, Pear and Rocket Salad, mushrooms and chicken.

Cauliflower Soup, Bread and something else???

Naan Bread, with small bits and pieces of other dishes.

For Dessert, Green Tea Ice Cream, Passion fruit served on creme caramel, and a nice cake.

Marshmallow with Chocolate from Fondue, almond tart, Chocolate and Vanilla Ice cream, and two other things. "how can I keep track of food?"

...and heres my 7 course meal.
Oysters, Prawns, Mushroom and Pumpkin Salad with Pine nuts

Chicken and Greens

Oysters, Eggplant, Tomatoes and Cucumber

Naan Bread, Veggies, Chicken and Pork

Oysters and Prawns

Marshmallow in Dark Chocolate Fondue, Almond slice, some cream in a chocolate cup, Pear Slices (i think), Almond Tart

Mixed Fruit, Marshmallow in Dark Chocolate Fondue, and passion fruit bowls.

In the end, it got a bit too much for me and left the hotel over satisfied. What a feed! YUM!

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