Ablaze Grill+Bar - MOORE PARK (Entertainment Quarter)

The Entertainment Quarter
Shop211, F01 Driver Ave
ph: +61 2 9360 0097
f: +61 2 9360 0574
e: info@ablazegrill.com.au

Dropped by this restaurant on the 9th of Feb 2009, where all you can eat Full Rack of Ribs is only $18.50. Only if I knew about this place before my stomach decreased its consumption.. bummer. Nevertheless I ate as much as I could, including my girlfriend's left over ribs. YUM!!

Almost forgot to take the starting photo.
Upto my girlfriend's unfinished 3 pieces of ribs. When the waitress then asks, "should I tell the chef to heat up another rack?". At first I thought, wouldn't it be nice to eat another rack of ribs. But I unfortunately had to decline as my belt had to be adjusted after I finished my rack of ribs.

Finally, all gone!

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